Do I need a 2nd Look for my MRI or any other imaging study?

Radiologists can overlook or make mistakes on a radiology study. Up to 30% of studies may have a problem associated with the diagnosis because of errors made during the test or during the study interpretation.

Usually in just about every field of medicine, a second opinion for serious issues facing a loved one is warranted. Why not be sure? That applies especially to radiology studies such as an MRI, a CAT scan, a PET scan looking for cancer hot spots, a cardiology study and other studies as well.

Better Safe than Sorry

As with any aspect of life, the more we acquire knowledge and information, the more we gain confidence. As a patient, we have to make sure that we are making the right choices. We have to ensure the clarity of the test result and eliminate the risk of misdiagnosis. A second medical opinion or a second radiology opinion can catch errors that can have a profound effect in medical treatment and potential surgery.

A second look or opinion can provide valuable information to make sure that you’re on the right track. These opinions can be a vital factor in your future well being.

3 Keys

The number one key here is always to get an independent second look or opinion for any medical treatment and again that includes radiology. The second key is to make sure the radiologist reading your study is well advanced in the area of medicine pertaining to the condition. The third key is to look for a radiologist from a well-respected US medical school; a fellowship trained radiologist in a sub specialty that focuses on the condition.

Give yourself and your family every opportunity to get this aspect of diagnosis correct!

About Us

YOUR 2ND LOOK provides the solution to make sure, when it positively, absolutely needs to be right, that the radiologist or cardiologist interpreting studies is the very finest in the field.

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