Upload your images...

Once you create your account, you can simply drag your DICOM folder from your CD, and drag it into our uploader. Please take a look at the video to the right.

To see the video in Full-Screen mode click on this icon in the video player.

Upload your images...

You may also follow along the screenshots below for a step by step simple process to upload your DICOM images.

First insert the CD you received from your provider into your computers CD-Rom or DVD drive.

Open your file manager and select your CD-Rom or DVD drive.

Navigate your CD-Rom/DVD drive and locate the “DICOM” folder.

This folder contains all the images we will need.

On the Your2ndlook.com website upload section, please select from the drop down menu the exam you have purchased.

Once the correct exam is selected from the drop down menu, simply click the “NEXT” button.

On the next screen please click on the “upload images” button to start the upload process.

Now, click on your “DICOM” folder and while holding down the mouse button, simply drag it to where it says “Drop files here to upload” and release your mouse button.

Once the upload is complete, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Save changes” button.

Scroll down through your uploaded images, once at the bottom of the page, click the “SUBMIT FILES” button.

Once you submit the files you should see the “Images upload Successfully” … click the “OK” button.

Your 2nd Look will now start to analyze the images, once the report is complete we will contact you.