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States With FULL Coverage: Click Here.


FULL Coverage States

Arizona All Services Colorado All Services Except Cardio
California All Services Connecticut All Services Except Cardio
Florida All Services Delaware All Services Except Cardio
Georgia All Services Illinois All Services Except Cardio
Hawaii All Services Louisiana All Services Except Cardio
Indiana All Services Michigan All Services Except Cardio
Iowa All Services Minnesota All Services Except Cardio
Maryland All Services Pennsylvania All Services Except Cardio
Nebraska All Services Virginia All Services Except Cardio
New Jersey All Services Wisconsin All Services Except Cardio
New York All Services
North Carolina All Services
Ohio All Services
Oregon All Services
Texas All Services

States With Partial Coverage: Click Here.


Partially Covered States

Alabama Neuro, MSK   Oklahoma Neuro, MSK
Idaho Neuro       Rhode Island Body, MSK, Cardiology Imaging
Kansas Neuro, MSK, Body   South Carolina Neuro, MSK
Kentucky Neuro, MSK, Body   South Dakota Neuro, MSK, Body
Maine Women's Imaging   Tennessee MSK, Neuro
Massachusetts Cardiology Imaging    Utah Neuro, Women's Imaging
Mississippi Neuro, MSK   Vermont Women's Imaging
Missouri Body, MSK, NM, Cardiology Imaging   Washington Neuro, NM, Women's Imaging
Montana Body, MSK   Washington D.C. Cardiology Imaging, MSK, Neuro, Body, Women's Imaging
New Hampshire Women's Imaging   West Virginia NM
North Dakota Neuro   Wyoming Neuro

Definitions Please make sure we can provide you service. Give us a call if you wish to discuss coverage. Toll free at 833-226-3566.

Diagnostic Radiology-MRI/CT/Ultrasound/PET Scan/XRAY/Nuclear Medicine/Mammography

Body All major organs including Chest/Abdomen/Pelvis,except the Heart.
MSK Medical imaging of bones, joints and soft tissue.
Neurology Brain, spine, neck, face, sinus.
NM (Nuclear Medicine) Nuclear Medicine- Bone scans, Pet Scans, HIDA Scans, Thyroid
Women's Imaging Breast screening mammography/diagnostic mammography, Breast MRI, Breast Ultrasound, DEXA
Cardiology Heart, CTA/Calcium Scoring/Cardiac MRI
Ultrasound/Sonography Vascular Studies/Thyroid/Breast

Currently we do not provide coverage in Alaska, Arkansas, Nevada & New Mexico. But we are working on expanding our coverage to all 50 states. Please check back often.

The "Your 2nd Look" radiologist will be a specialist in the area of your imaging study. Once your images have been analyzed by radiologist, you will receive a comprehensive report within a few days. We do not have time pressures that can sometimes be applied to other radiologists to complete a study interpretation. If we need more than a few days to get it right, we will do that and notify you. Nothing is more important than getting it right.

This report can then be presented to your medical specialist for review and recommendation.

Should you run into any issues please feel free to contact us here or email us at [email protected] or give as a call (833) 2-2ndlook or (833-226-3566).

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