Only radiologists who are AΩA (Alpha Omega Alpha radiology award graduates - the top 10%), Phi Beta Kappa, or graduates with exceptional distinction will interpret and read your report and provide a second opinion.

YOUR 2ND LOOK's radiologists and cardiologists are the cream of the crop.
So whether you live in New York City, Carson City, in the heartland, or anywhere in the world, you now have the opportunity to have the very finest radiology and cardiology interpretation available in the US at a very fair price. 

The "Your 2nd Look" radiologist will be a specialist in the area of your imaging study. Once your images have been analyzed by our award-winning radiologist, you will receive a very comprehensive report in 24-48 hours. We do not have time pressures that can sometimes be applied to other radiologists to complete a study interpretation. If we need more than 48 hours to get it right, we will do that and notify you. Nothing is more important than getting it right.

This report can then be presented to your medical specialist for review and recommendation.