Who we are - Our Mission

Almost every discipline of medicine relating to the treatment of serious medical conditions can benefit from a second opinion and review by another set of professional eyes.

Surgery is commonly recognized as an area of medicine that frequently requires a second opinion. Certain other courses of medical treatment also benefit from additional scrutiny before a final decision is made.

Yet, in radiology and cardiology imaging, most of the reports are only read and reviewed by one set of eyes. Just as importantly, a radiologist or cardiologist may not be specialized in the specific sub specialty area of concern. In some cases a fellowship trained radiologist might be a better option to interpret results and yet, often times that option is not available. The same can be said for the requirement of a board certified cardiologist, or a radiologist specially trained in cardiology, to interpret those highly specialized and critical cardiology imaging studies such as a CTA (CT Angiography) or MRI Cardiology, or Nuclear Stress Test study.

YOUR 2ND LOOK provides the solution to make sure, when it positively, absolutely needs to be right, that the radiologist or cardiologist interpreting studies is the very finest in the field.
In the field of radiology, the diagnoses are sometimes not correct, and it may be necessary, for peace of mind and optimum care, to confirm a diagnosis.

Most importantly, Your 2nd Look does not function under any time constraint or time limit to read your study. As opposed to some radiology facilities, Your 2nd Look radiologists have no quotas for reading a certain number of studies in a certain amount of time. There is never a rush to complete an interpretation. It’s not what we do. If a “miss” occurs, it can have a serious effect that can alter treatment and affect lives.
In these situations, YOUR 2ND LOOK is the answer.

YOUR 2ND LOOK will provide every patient needing critical attention for their situation an opportunity to get it right; to make the right decision in critical radiology healthcare matters.