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Your scans say you’re fine. Are you?
“Radiology is imperfect. If you can’t shake the feeling something is wrong, it’s time to see someone else who’ll help,” says breast-imaging specialist Tova Koenigsberg, M.D. These are signs it’s time for more screening. –Sara Austin

Your docs use…
X-ray, which many patients will initially receive to rule out a fracture or arthritis

Why the first read might fail
“Early on, X-rays can miss 75 to 80 percent of stress fractures,” says Lisa Callahan, M.D., medical director of the women’s sports medicine program at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. Rest two weeks, and if pain persists, discuss an MRI; it may spot cellular changes that precede a break.

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YOUR 2ND LOOK provides the solution to make sure, when it positively, absolutely needs to be right, that the radiologist or cardiologist interpreting studies is the very finest in the field.

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