Were You Called Back for a Second Mammogram and Ultrasound?

Getting called back after a second mammogram and ultrasound is quite natural. It doesn’t mean that the second evaluation is the final result. Did you know that 2 in 20 women are being called back for more examination for additional evaluation? Doctors need to make sure that they focus on any suspicious areas or areas that did not produce good images.

Being called back in your menopausal stage is also standard.

What Else Could It Be?

The following are the potential issues of getting called back after a mammogram or ultrasound:

  • The images are not pure or didn’t show clear breast tissue and need a retake
  • There is dense breast tissue that makes it hard to capture some areas of the breast
  • The physician encounters calcifications, a cyst build up or a solid tumor
  • The image quality might be low, or the file is corrupted

In some cases, repeated mammograms can’t detect cancer because of the repeated x-ray on the area of the mass.

Follow-Up Appointment

  • The patient will probably be called back to take another mammogram test or a diagnostic Tomosynthesis or follow-up ultrasound. It is done to examine additional areas of the breast for comparison and other examination. The technician is guided by the radiologist to assure that the area of concern is clear.


  • You may also need to take another ultrasound test of the breast area.


  • Some patients may be required to have a breast MRI. During the procedure, you will be asked to lie face down in the MRI for 45 minutes to an hour. You’ll have to stay calm and still to produce detailed and clear images of your breast tissues. The procedure is painless. However, it can be uncomfortable for a patient who is claustrophobic. It is important to let your physician know prior to the test if you are anxious or uncomfortable in tight spaces.

The following statements are likely to be the result of your screening:

  • The suspicious area turned out to be okay, and you can now return to your regular schedule. There may be some follow-up needed especially if there is a history of breast cancer in the family.


  • The examined part of your breast tissue could be cancer, but will require a breast biopsy for further confirmation. A breast biopsy is a procedure by which a small portion of the breast tissue is taken for diagnostic purposes.

Waiting for the result of your test could be quite frightening. Many patients can feel anxiety, fear, and sadness during the time. While waiting, here are the things that you have to remember:

  • It is natural to feel this emotion
  • Most of these follow-ups turn out to be benign and

So most breast biopsies are not cancer

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