When is a Cardiac MRI Needed?

Have you heard about Cardiac MRI or Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging procedure?  The Cardiac MRI is a significant advancement in the medical field that is used by medical practitioners, radiologists and doctors to have a better grasp of what’s happening within the heart and around it. This is a procedure that is very reliable and accurate. It can show the physician how the heart functions and the structures around it. It can provide clear and detailed images of the anatomy of the heart.

Who Needs To Undergo Cardiac MRI?

Anyone who has a heart condition who needs to be monitored and checked can make use of this medical test and procedure. Whatever heart ailment you may have, cardiac MRI will be very helpful to help you monitor your condition. It is better than x-ray because it does not make use of radiation during the process. It is very safe and risk-free. It will take pictures of what is happening inside your body, specifically the heart.

What Can a Cardiac MRI Identify and Show in the Results?

The cardiac MRI can provide a very comprehensive and complete observation of your heart. It can allow your physician to view the valves, the chambers, and even the muscles of the heart so that your medical team can monitor if it is pumping correctly. The procedure can identify if the patient has the following:

  • An occurrence of congenital or in-born heart diseases.
  • Coronary damage from a heart attack.
  • Heart valve damage due to age or related conditions.
  • A healthy heart muscle after heart failure.

What does an MRI Scan Involve?

The MRI scanner is a huge machine with a large bore opening in the center. You will lie down on a table and slide inside. It could be a bit noisy, so technicians offer patients headphones, and they can listen to music while they are inside. You will be asked to hold your breath a few times during the test, so images can be taken while your chest is still.

The scan could be as short as fifteen minutes or at least an hour, depending on the kind of issue being addressed.

Is an MRI Scan Safe while Pregnant?

There are no known dangers, but cardiologists normally do not recommend MRI in the first trimester, to be on the safe side.

Is there anyone that this test would not be suitable for?

A Cardiac MRI test might not be suitable for obese individuals, very claustrophobic patients or those with non-MRI compatible devices within the body. Check with your imaging facility.

Considering the results that Cardiac MRI can provide, it can help the cardiologist to diagnose their patient accurately. The result will guide the cardiologist or the radiologist in providing the correct medical diagnosis and attention for the patient.

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